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In his post-apocalyptic world, a combat soldier fights for his survival.

"FAULT" a new film project by Daniel Strehlau! 
The narrative short supports homeless veterans. 


Director`s Statement:
I think that a war is the worst thing, which happened to humanity. The unconstitutional wars and the wars for oil and greed of corporations are the crime against humanity. Since the Second World War, most of the US wars were not victories, the whole country, and especially the soldiers, paid the highest price.

I am a sensitive person, therefore I can’t stay silenced seeing people on our streets, who suffer, people, who dedicated their live and health for our country. 

One of my goals is to get attention to the nationwide epidemic of homelessness and their causes. I do believe that my movie would change the dramatic and tragic situation of so many homeless veterans. I hope that thanks to my short movie I will be able to motivate people, so they could show at least a little bit of compassion and empathy.

I strongly support politicians, who fight for the veteran’s rights and care. The best sample of such fight was Senator Bernie Sanders - John McCain Veterans Bill in 2014, which was a bill to expand hospitals and clinics run by the Department of Veterans Affairs and to hire more doctors and nurses to provide timely, quality care for veterans. I do believe that there is still a lot of to do and Senator Sanders will not stop his fight for the veterans.  


About Daniel Strehlau`s screenplay “FAULT”:

“I really enjoyed the idea and creative concept.”
Major Hilton, Camp Pendleton, The United States Marine Corp

“It may have happened to me because I suffer from PTSD”
Guillermo Vela, Petty Officer 2nd class, E5, 15 years of service as a medic in the field in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq


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