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The name THE WINDOWS has been taken from the first fiction short of Daniel Strehlau titled The Windows. The short by Daniel Strehlau's screenplay and his story board from 1993 was produced and directed by him in September 1996. Daniel Strehlau played the main role in this short story - a young man with the typewriter.

Daniel Strehlau can produce thanks The WINDOWS Film Studio  his projects by his own film company.

The Studio is cooperating with other companies and individuals and provides a service of film directing and film making.

The Studio is equipped with basic FULL HD production tools, and FULL HD on-line post production tools; it is also equipped with accessories of any kind, sound recording equipment, steady cam, tripod pro, all licensed software FCP STUDIO PRO 7.2, ADOBE MASTER COLLECTION, professional audio and video FULL HD monitors for on-line FULL HD edition. The Studio owns vitage 16 mm print camera Beaulieu R16 Automatic as well as vinatge Super 8 mm print sound camera.

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