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A letter from b.m. His Excellency Prof. Shevach Weiss - Israeli Ambassador to Warsaw, 


Prof.  Weiss was an incredibly good and wise man, who inspired me, a Holocaust survivor from Poland, Speaker of the Knesset, where he was elected as a member of the Alignment-Israeli Labor Party coalition. I had the great honor and pleasure to meet and cooperate with prof.  Shevah Weiss: in Israel and Poland, he took honorary patronage over some of my documentaries, their premiere screenings and Jewish events organized by me.  

"Israeli Ambassador, Warsaw


Warsaw, August 1, 2002


Mr. Daniel Strehlau

Dear Daniel,

I would like to thank you so much for inviting me to the screening of your documentary HANUKKAH A DOUBLE TIME.

After the Holocaust and after the years of ignorance and lack of education about the history of Polish Jews in Poland, today, in free and democratic Poland your film becomes very

important voice of the people, who are discovering their Jewish identity, but they feel Poles too.

In this way your film makes other citizens of today's Poland aware of multicultural reality, which is so important for this part of Europe.

The characters of your documentary enrich the culture of Poland with their Jewish identity. As the Poles, they are honest citizens of the country, which is their home.

I do believe, that this new time in the history of Poland will not be lost for anybody. I would be very happy if the Israeli youth could watch your films too, as they show a part

of the picture of Polish reality. It is the reality of about 1000 years of common Polish-Jewish history, existing in people's memory, the history so barbarically broken. We should teach next

generations about it, in hope for a better future. This memory should be spread among the youth, as it is in other countries, also non-European. Existence of this education and memory becomes

today a test of our sensitivity as well as the test of tolerance in our human civilization.

I thank you again and wish you a good luck in your artistic and social work.


S. Weiss

Prof. Shewach Weiss

Ambassador of Israel

ul. Krzywickiego 24, Warszawa 02-078 Tel. 8250923, Fax 8251607"



From left: Daniel Strehlau, b.m. His Excellency Prof. Shevach Weiss and Tuvia Friedman (participant of a subgroup, who led to capture Adolf Eichman) walking to the Opening Ceremony of the 1st edition of Warsaw Jewish FF, which took place in November 2003  in State Jewish Theater of Ester Rachel Kaminska in Warsaw. Daniel Strehlau organized the 1st edition by myself, succesfully. 




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