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“BROOKLYN” at 2022 American Film Market, Santa Monica Ca:
Click here for PDF brochure: "BROOKLYN": Presentation(updated:04/25th/2023).
IMDb about “BROOKLYN”:    
IMDb LOG-LINE: Three different characters collide at the Brooklyn intersection; their hope, need, and thirst takes us on a life-changing journey in an urban pot.  The feeling of injustice, existential problems of poor African Americans parents and rejection are the main idea in the first story - "Hope". The emotion of being in love, the sense of being together with someone is the main plot of the second story, "Need". The third story, a psychological drama, "Thirst", is about the sadness and sorrow after the death of a dearest person and about the way to come back to normal life and to maintain it.    
The screenplay of “Brooklyn” was written in 1997 and significantly updated in October 2019.  “Brooklyn: Hope, Need, Thirst” is an antiracist psychological dark dramedy triptych, which action takes place in 2019 and shows in the background the nationwide progressive movement of people inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders, which fits the pro-climate tone of my film, expected by so many viewers and the context of hatred inspired by Donald Trump.
The project is planned SAGAFTRA full budget.     

drawn by Daniel Strehlau 
Gerard Butler    Robert De Niro
Ana De Armas interested in antiracist "Brooklyn"! 
The agent of Paul Dano confirmed Paul is available for shooting of "Brooklyn" written, directed and acted by Daniel Strehlau
  My 2022 sample of my 1134 shot descriptions for one of 271 Scenes together with my drawing storyboard sample, camera diagram & location footage:
My 2016 storyboard version for "BROOKLYN" for 2016 short "Need"
and the scene in the Carnival Park and NYC subway:
From June 10 to August 12, 2021, I prepared exclusively 95% of the full-scale production in New York State for planned shooting for the period of August 28th - September - October 6th, 2023, among others:  
  • As the director, writer, executive co-producer, co-producer, casting director, actor and editor of this film project I stay opened for collaboration.
  • So far, as of July 5, 2022, all major-stars have been cast for all 20 characters, supporting actors were casted for all 54 supporting characters, day player actors were casted for all 39 characters, 9% of 307 feature extras and extras were casted.  The entire cast was exclusively cast by me as Casting Director. They expressed interest in my Brooklyn. 
  • The following talents have expressed interest in even small characters in all three stories during time of my preparations in Summer 2021 - 2022: Gerard Butler, Robert De Niro, Ana De Armas, Francesca Scorsese, Holly Gagnier, Jack Black, Oliver Platt,  Ken Jeong, Beau Kapp, Algee Smith, Henry Ian Cusick, Paul Dano, Ilene Kristen and others 
  • Kim Allen Kluge & Kathryn Kluge ("Silence") interested in music score.

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