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a narrative feature Reg. WGA, W - Nr. 1574537 & Library of Congress TXu 1-925-859  
Represented by Mr. Irwin Tenenbaum, Loeb & Loeb    
IMDb LOG-LINE: Three different characters collide at the Brooklyn intersection; their hope, need, and thirst takes us on a life-changing journey in an urban pot.  The feeling of injustice, existential problems of poor African Americans parents and rejection are the main idea in the first story - "Hope". The emotion of being in love, the sense of being together with someone is the main plot of the second story, "Need". The third story, a psychological drama, "Thirst", is about the sadness and sorrow after the death of a dearest person and about the way to come back to normal life and to maintain it.    
The screenplay of “Brooklyn” was written in 1997 and significantly updated in October 2019.  “Brooklyn: Hope, Need, Thirst” is an antiracist psychological comedy drama, which action takes place in 2019 and shows in the background the nationwide progressive movement of young people inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders and the context of hatred inspired by Donald Trump.  

    Gerard Butler    Olivia Colman
    Lupita Nyong'o    Shuya Chang
interested in my screenplay
     "BROOKLYN. hope.need.thirst."!           
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