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Gallery XV    Poster & stills from NOT ENOUGH:        trailer of the movie here

Not Enough - qualification screenings for Academy Awards in the short category at 4Plex Lammle`s Theater in LA, USA, 08.04. With VIP guest Janusz Kaminski /Schindler`s List DoP/ at the screening

Humphrey Bogart on Hollywood Boulevard 2004:


Lee Strasberg Institute Los Angeles 2004:

Los Angeles, 2004 August: Loeb & Loeb Ltd., Director Guild of America

"Not Enough." It is done very professionally...the actors are excellent and the story moves along at a good pace."

Irvin Kershner, Hollywood Director - Empire strikes back, Never Say Never Again - James Bond


The film is about the emotions of young men and women with intertwining romantic liaisons. Their feelings of accomplishment and failure portrayed in both dramatic and comedic fashion. The story takes place in the heard of big city sometime in spring...

The short feature 30 minutes long film NOT ENOUGH was produced without financial means as a non budget film thanks to the professional and personal commitment of the actors, camera man, editors, composer and me as the author of screenplay, producer and actor. 

Directed by: Daniel Strehlau
Writing credits: Daniel Strehlau
Cinematography by: Sławomir Orman
Original Music by: Adrian Konarski
Producer: Daniel Strehlau The Widnows Film Studio 
Production Management: Daniel Strehlau & Sylwia Tkaczyk
Sound departament: Jacek Bąk
Film Editing by: Michał Kwiatkowski
Assistent to Mr. Strehlau: Anna Grześkiewicz
Makeup departament: Julia Matea Petelska
Make - up: Karolina Grońska, Ewa Baberska 
Costume and Wardrobe Department: Martyna Antolak, Joanna Samborska
Light departament: Artur Lożek, Maciej Domanski Mariusz
Light assistent, dolly operator: Mariusz Tymburski
Collaboration: Aktywne Studium Technik Teatralno Filmowych
Kuba - Jan Wieczorkowski 
Marek - Daniel Strehlau
Agata - Joanna Pierzak 
Jacek - Marcin Dorociński
Ania - Magdalena Różczka
Friend of Ania - Monika Krzywkowska 
Father - Marek Frąckowiak
Mother - Ewa Pająk
Ewa, girl in the bar –  Ewa Ampulska
a girl in the bar - Aleksandra Kisio
Waitress – Julia Matea Petelska
old man from courtyard - Włodek Wielkosz 
Beata with the son
Journalist - Maciej Orłoś 
others in cast:
Anna Buczek
Ilona Chojnowska
Katarzyna Dziurka  
Anna Kaczynska 
Magdalena Ciborowska  
Kuba Zdybel  
Piotr Ławniczak  
Andrzej Szujecki  
Tomasz Stanisławski  
Łukasz Rosa  
Karolina Widenka
Ewa Widenka
Katarzyna Górna
Mirek Zalewski
Piotr Ciborowski
Michał Jaremek
Aneta Potera
Tadeusz Dąbrowski
Dorota Cieślik
Mateusz Zalewski
Katharina Nowacki
Radek Stanczewki
Mother with the son 2
Katarzyna & Łukasz Nowak
Agata Romanowska
Robert Walerczuk
Casablanca Studio, Maciej Chmiel
TotamTO ART & MEDIA Pawel Kwasniewski 
Studio MEDIART Jacek Bak
Slawomir Orman

Dur: 30 min. 

Prod: May 2004 
Format: BETA SP as well as 35 mm print with Eng subt. 
The copies of the film are in english PAL as well as NTSC TV system.


Not Enough - qualification screenings to Academy Awards for the short category in 4Plex Lammle`s Theater in LA, USA, 08.04. With VIP guest Janusz Kaminski /Schindler`s List/ at the screening. 


April 02, 2005, 8:15 p.m., although the sad and difficult days, took place the NOT ENOUGH screening in the commercial Warsaw` LUNA theater. The event has finished before 10 p.m.
The glass of wein was served by ART MEDIA Arkadiusz Blinczyk- thanks./
The next screenings soon in Poland.

September 2004:
"Not Enough" was accepted into the Academy`s Short Film - Live Action competition, and was among the films viewed by the committee of judges. Unfortunately, the film was not among the Short Films nominated by the judges for the Academy Award in the Live Action category.

August/September 2004:
the short took part in the qualification screenings in Los Angeles to Academy Award for the short action film category. 
The short was screened in one of the some popular cinema in LA - Lammmle`s 4Plex Theater at Santa Monica Boulvard.
Janusz Kaminski, one of the world best cinematographer as well as the author of the cinematography of the Steven Spielberg`s films did come to one of the screenings. After the show Janusz Kaminski said publicly as the international movie goer about his appreciation of the film.

September 2004:
the screenings on the biggest polish film festival: 29th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2004.

August 2004:
the film took part in the screenings on the 10th Polish Film Festival in Kazimierz. 

On 29 June 2004 the premiere of the film " Not Enough" took place at the Cinema ILUZJON in Warsaw. The film was very well received by all 250 distinguished guests.

On 29 June 2004 an interview with Daniel Strehl was shown on CANAL + in the program AKTUALNOSCI FILMOWE (''What's New in the World of Film '') and the biggest Polish daily published an article about me.

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