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Resume, Filmography & Cover Letter of Daniel Strehlau
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To work as a Film Director, 2nd Unit Director, Executive, Producer, Writer, Production Coordinator in studios or motion picture companies
“LOOP” short 2018 – a new narrative short, dark drama with happy ending – 90 sec trailer:
Director, producer, writer, actor, editor
“BERNIE” - a biographical narrative feature project about life of Senator Bernie Sanders – 2016 - 2019
Director, writer
TV show project inspired by Daniel Strehlau`s work as a LYFT driver in LA, Ca (17Mo: 70K miles, 6500 rides), 2016-2018
Director, writer
“BROOKLYN”narrative feature of the antiracist psychological comedy drama project – 2016 - 2018
Director, writer
“NEED” of “BROOKLYN” short - 2016
Director, producer, writer
Director, producer, writer
"BASHEVIS. A LOVE STORY" - 2009 - 2019
Director, producer, writer
Director, producer, writer
Director, co-producer, writer
“NOT ENOUGH” - 2004
Director, producer, writer, actor
Director, producer, writer
Director, producer, writer
Director, writer
Director, producer, writer
“THE WINDOWS” - 1996
Director, producer, writer, actor
"THE GUILDER" - 1996
Director, producer, writer
"PASSION" - 1995
Director, producer, writer
“SOSIN” – 1993
Director, producer, writer
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences` Certificate, 2005
3rd European Award by The 4th International Days of Documentary Cinema, Lublin 2003
Award by Judah Magnes Museum for Student Production, The 5th Annual Video Jewish Competition Berkeley, CA 1998

·  Sanford Meisner Playhouse West Los Angeles – acting study, Los Angeles, USA

·  The Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, TV and Theatre: Film and TV Production; Film Directing Study, Lodz City, Poland

·  M.A. at Christian Academy of Theology, Warsaw, Poland

·  German Language and Literature Study at Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland

·  Philosophy at Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland

Additionally Daniel has a very "good eye".  In 2003, Daniel J. Strehlau established by his own author idea, the pioneering Jewish Film Festival in Eastern Europe - the first festival of its kind in this part of the world: Warsaw JFF, of which he was head until 2015. Since 2003 he selected movies for his Festival, which got "Camera of David Award" of his Festival and three months later got Oscar® (West Bank Story) and Oscar® Nominations (Beaufor, Katyn) in the same categories as well as he presented some movies made by filmmakers (Guy Davidi and Benh Zeitlin), whose other films were Oscar® nominated (Beasts Of Southern Wild, Five Broken Cameras). In 2007 he selected short "With A Little Patient" by Laszlo Nemes, which won first award of his Festival, in 2016 Laszlo Nemesz won Oscar® for his "Son Of Saul". In 2013 he selected IDA, which won the first award of his 2013 Festival and in 2015 won Oscar®. In 2012 he selected for his Warsaw Jewish Film Festival "Flood" Dir. by Guy Nattiv, which received Camera of David Awards for best directory, best actress Ronit Elkabetz and mention for the actor Yoav Rotman, in 2019 Guy Nattiv' SKIN received Oscar®. During his Festival he invited many distinguished filmmakers, one of them Irvin Kershner (Empire Strikes Back) - Jury Chairman of his 2004 Festival, became a great friend of him. Daniel screened movies by Paul Mazursky, who became another friend of him.  Among WJFF' Honorary and Competition Camera of David recipients are: Steven Spielberg, Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polanski, Barbra Streisand, Agnieszka Holland, Woody Allen, Agnes Varda, Paul Mazursky, Janusz Kaminski, Tadeusz Konwicki, Gustaw Holoubek, Quentin Tarantino, Amos Gitai, Laios Koltai, John Daly, Martin Landau, Joel and Ethan Coen, Caroline Link, Lina and Slava Chaplin, Hany Abu-Assad, Daniel Burman, Shira Geffen, Jerzy Hoffman, Paul Schrader, Laszlo Nemesz, Pawel Pawlikowski, Yariv Horowitz, Claude Lanzman, Matej Minac, Nurith Cohen, Evgenia Dodina, Alex Claude, Samuel Maoz and hundreds of others. During his Festival he organized a lot of meetings and Q&A periods with Palestinians filmmakers, whose movies were presented at Warsaw Jewish FF in the competition section of Palestinians movies. Daniel Strehlau established during his Festival a lot of peace meetings between Palestinian and Jewish Diasporas as well as between Israeli Jews and Palestinians from Palestine.  The Festival is led by Magda Makarczuk - Strehlau, who is the head and the executive director of the Festival. 

Daniel made his first movie in the age of 13 and he watched more than 4400 good movies in his life.

Daniel Strehlau is a proud progressive US citizen, he was allowed to hold his EU Passport. 




Daniel Strehlau

I have exceptional, multi-level professional experience on almost every position in the film industry.
I work with the following software:
Magic, Gorrilla, FCP 7, FCPX, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Final Draft. 
I am a very flexible, easy going, disciplined, fast learner; talented multitask professional and full of respect personality. I have sense of humour and I am very serious person as well.
I do not segregate people, only for good and bad people, and people who make a mess in my car. 
I have exceptional, multi-level professional experience on almost every position in the film industry.
I speak English, Polish, Russian, and German. I understand Yiddish.
I own two cars: 2016 Black Shadow Ford Fusion & 1994 Turquoise Ford Thunderbird. I have to Passports: USA Passport and EU Passport.
Daniel J. Strehlau was born in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland, November 22, 1970. He is a US citizen, an American director and writer, known for Bashevis, a Love Story (2017), Need (2016), We the People of the Revolution (2016) and Fantasia by Barton Gray (2015), Not Enough (2004), Misunderstandings (1998), The Jews of Warsaw (1997), The Windows (1996).
He is MA in religion science of the Christian theological faculty. He is not a Christian. He studied German literature, history of philosophy at Warsaw University and film production at The Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź (the leading Polish academy for future actors, directors, photographers, camera operators and TV staff, Poland). Ones of his first movies were two award-winning documentaries on Jewish topics (“THE JEWS of WARSAW” awarded by Judah Magnes Museum - USA, and “Hanukka, a DOUBLE TIME” by Europe`s Point of Divergence / Convergence - The 4th International Days of Documentary Cinema) and short narratives (one of them NOT ENOUGH was accepted into the competition for Oscar Nomination in short action category and received the Academy Certificate).
One of his oldest screenplays – an anti-racist psychological comedy drama “BROOKLYN” written in 1997 is ready for a production as his narrative feature début.
He lives in Los Angeles, Ca.  
He considers himself as a non - religious Jew and the US progressive democrat.
In the age of 12 he made his first movie about his elementary school.
In 1981 in the age of 10 Daniel Strehlau used to live in Jura Mountain in Sanatorium for poor and orphanage children, in French part of Switzerland, where he recovered from twice experienced meningitis and Marshall Law in his native Poland.

© Hollywood 2013 by Daniel Strehlau